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  1. Hello Dr. Henegan, I am so excited to order your book. I was one of your first patients in Arlington. I often wondered what happened to you. Congrats on the book. I'll keep my eyes open for more too come!!!

    (Posted on 2013-09-21 06:32:00 by Robin Whitman)
  2. W O W. What an amazing & gripping book. I felt a bit OCD, as I was unable to put it down!! The character development was outstanding. The flow of the book was excellent. I felt like I was watching a movie - as if I could "see" what the characters looked like, heard what they sounded like, envisioned where they were at each moment, and could empathize in each of their lives. Heck, I even learned a bit about obstetrics! At a minimum I believe this should be made into a made-for-tv move, e.g., "Lifetime for Women." Dr. H, EXCELLENT JOB!!! Continued success & blessings, VW

    (Posted on 2010-08-30 03:32:00 by vicwat)
  3. I am reading Gestation for a school project! It's so good! Finnaly a long book!

    (Posted on 2010-04-29 18:06:00 by Samantha)
  4. Can't wait to read this, It came in the mail today. I will want it signed when I see you in April. Really miss working with you.

    (Posted on 2010-01-28 04:22:00 by Marci)
  5. You did an excellent job in portraying the characters, and furthermore with the suspense you bring your readers. I am happy for you and for your GREAT accomplishment in Gestation: Unborn Hostage. I will anxiously await your next novel. Congratulations, author Henegan!

    (Posted on 2010-01-19 17:36:00 by Catherine Welch-Arndt)
  6. This is a different kind of book presented with a unique style that is both troublesome and comforting. Praise for this author who finds a delicate balance for both.

    (Posted on 2009-12-14 01:40:00 by Charlotte)
  7. This is soooo cool! I couldn't be happier for you - the book is awesome and I can't wait for the castleman! Don't forget the pears! Love, Susan

    (Posted on 2009-12-03 21:04:00 by Susan)
  8. this is so exciting! i cant wait to read it, and i'd be honored to have you sign my copy. i love to read, and this sounds very interesting.the cover is very cool. you seem to have your retirement job already lined up. good luck. sharon

    (Posted on 2009-10-21 22:00:00 by sharon krieger)
  9. Can't wait to read it! Please keep me in mind when you get your stock in and I would really appreciate a signed copy. Who knows, someday, we could be saying "I knew you when" ala Robin Cook!


    (Posted on 2009-10-11 04:31:00 by Debbie Paape)
  10. This is great! When my daughter and her spouse were unable to have a baby, she went to you. The product of your expert knowledge, a daughter, is now 23 years of age, is a histologist and is employed by SW Tx Med in Dallas. My daughter and her spouse also have a son.

    Thank you, Dr Henegan, for your gifts go us.

    Jean O'Toole
    Arlington, TX

    (Posted on 2009-09-27 13:45:00 by Jean O'Toole)
  11. I'm anxious to get my copy of your first book~! I can only imagine how exciting it must be to finally get it finished. I'll clear a shelf for all of the "Dr. Rick" titles I expect to have one day!

    (Posted on 2009-09-15 03:28:00 by Kathy Bennett)
  12. Can't wait to read it. The title alone is 'captivating'.

    (Posted on 2009-09-14 23:21:00 by Jorgia)
  13. Who knew you were on this path?? Is this your "retirement job"? I can't wait to read it!! Can I get an autographed copy??

    (Posted on 2009-09-14 01:26:00 by Marnee)


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